August Is Ideal for Goal Check-Ins

Checking up on our personal and professional goals mid-year is a Sun Devil Promotions tradition. We take time during the dog days of summer to figure out where we can make improvements and how we can close out the year on a high note. Oscar G., our firm’s President, explained that these check-ins are perfect for boosting morale as we launch into the 2019 home stretch.

The first thing we look at with our mid-year goal reviews is how we might course-correct any projects that aren’t as far along as we’d like. Simply having a different perspective from the time we set the goal can be enough to make the right adjustments.

We also break down our biggest Sun Devil Promotions objectives into smaller parts if necessary. This allows us to set deadlines for minor milestones and create momentum with each one we check off the list. We gain more motivation with every achievement, which sets us up for major success in the long run.

Sometimes our mid-year reviews lead to entirely weeding out certain goals. Some just aren’t as important as we thought they were, while others don’t quite align with our current and future priorities. Either way, it’s best to clear them out and focus our efforts in other directions.

August is a time for us to take stock of our key targets. For more on what a mid-year review should look like, follow Sun Devil Promotions on LinkedIn.

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