Find Success: Run Your Career Like It’s a Business

A career and a business have a lot in common. Their success depends on things like goal-setting and support, for instance. We’re experimenting with the idea of treating our Sun Devil Promotions careers as if they are our own mini-businesses. Through our experiences, we’ve found certain techniques to be especially useful.

The concept of ownership has been reinforced for us. Instead of sitting back and waiting for opportunities to present themselves, we actively seek them. This happens by introducing ourselves to people, reading the latest industry publications, and enrolling in trainings. By owning our professional lives, we take control of our growth.

We’ve also discovered the importance of personal branding. Just as we focus on the image of Sun Devil Promotions as an organization committed to service excellence, we practice presenting ourselves as competent and capable. We’re mindful to convey our expertise through online interactions, in-person meetings, speaking engagements, body language, and more.

It’s essential to be open-minded as well. We stay true to our core values and remain humble at the same time. In doing so, we realize that we have a lot to learn. That’s why we’re eager to listen to others (along with our instincts) as we apply fresh insights.

These strategies help us drive our career advancement. Like Sun Devil Promotions on Facebook for more on our approach to professional success.

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