How We Get Our Networking A-Game in Gear

There are many great perks that come with being part of Team Sun Devil Promotions. Attending events in which we can network with other industry and business leaders tops the lists. From local events and cross-regional trainings to national conferences and international retreats, we want our people to maximize the value of each of these experiences.

Networking skills are among the critical life lessons we impart within our Sun Devil Promotions learning environment. There are three key elements we stress, especially with those who will be attending events. Our training on this topic extends beyond how to make a connection. We also focus on how to nurture new contacts. Here are the points we share:

• Developing a Working Relationship: The purpose of meeting people is to move past the acquaintance stage and forge a bond over business goals. After we connect with someone at an event, we should find a reason to follow up. We might even suggest a get-together to further a conversation started.

• Establishing Credibility: During a networking event, we probably shared an elevator pitch about who we are and what we do. After the event is a chance to showcase our infinite value to our newfound colleagues. One way is to offer to help them with a pain point we might have uncovered during our first encounter.

• Sharing Knowledge: We should always remember that anything we learned at a conference is information that’s worth passing along to our entire team, whether it’s from a formal session or a casual discussion.

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