Interviews Can Be Relaxing and Pleasant With These Tips

As a company enjoying consistent growth, we are continually on the lookout for talented pros to join Team Sun Devil Promotions. This means we conduct frequent interviews, and we have to admit we’re impressed at how seriously people take the opportunity to meet with our hiring managers. In fact, we’d like to offer a few tips to help candidates feel a bit more relaxed during an interview, whether it’s with us or another company.

To start, we suggest that the best interview begins long before an applicant walks through our doors. Those who impress us put in time researching Sun Devil Promotions, learning about our industry and even reading up on our leaders through LinkedIn. They also go through our social media feeds and blogs so they have a good idea of current events in our office.

Top candidates practice responses to common interview questions before the big day arrives too, both in front of a mirror and with a friend. This way they feel comfortable with their answers and can get a handle on any nonverbal cues that might distract an interviewer from what’s being said.

Picking out the right outfit can have a big impact on how an interview goes. Dress codes will differ from office to office, so investigate what the normal attire is. Then, go a step above.

Being a little nervous before an interview is a sign that you take the meeting seriously, and that’s a good thing. Follow Sun Devil Promotions on Instagram for more tips on how to lessen excess meeting jitters.

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