Our Best Tips for Effective Public Speaking

Around the Sun Devil Promotions office, we know how being a great public speaker can launch a career to the next level. That’s why presenting skills are key elements of our initial and ongoing training programs. Oscar G., our company President, noted that we go over the best techniques to deliver memorable speeches and appear confident at the same time. It’s just another way we work to become well-rounded professionals in every aspect of our business.

We think about our speeches as storytelling exercises to help us become more comfortable with the material. Not only does framing a presentation as a story add a level of calm for novice speakers, it also leads to a more memorable experience for the audience. We’re more relatable when we share personal anecdotes as parts of our speeches, which gets listeners on our side.

It’s also helpful to standardize our Sun Devil Promotions speeches as much as possible. We’ve found that using similar patterns of hand gestures and tweaking older presentations are good ways to improve our speaking prowess. With some of the basic elements already accounted for, we can put more energy into our deliveries. This means we’re more engaging and that our main points are more likely to stick in our audience members’ minds.

We use these strategies to give more effective presentations in front of audiences of all sizes. Check out Sun Devil Promotions on Facebookfor more of our best public speaking tips.

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