Reflections on What Makes a Small Business Great

There are many perks that we enjoy by being part of Team Sun Devil Promotions. Some of these are unique to our firm’s culture and methods, but others come from the size of our company. Since May is Small Business Month, we wanted to take some time to reflect on the elements of our careers we enjoy as a result of working for a smaller firm.

One of the pieces we like most is the stronger relationships we’re able to cultivate with our team members. We get to know our colleagues on a personal level because we’re more likely to interact with them regularly. Our Sun Devil Promotions team nights are helpful in this regard as well, because we can take the professional interactions we have in the workplace and turn those into friendships.

Being smaller means it’s easier to get noticed by our managers as well, which is a good thing – our leadership team is eager to provide recognition for a job well done, along with helpful and relevant real-time feedback. Their guidance is crucial as we move along our career journeys, and their support is appreciated.

We learn to be flexible on a smaller team as well, getting opportunities to wear many hats and learn the ropes of our business first-hand from a variety of viewpoints. This immersion approach really kicks our careers into overdrive.

We celebrate being part of a small business every day and look forward to maintaining these qualities even when we’re a much bigger firm. Check out our Sun Devil Promotions Newswire feed for more on the perks of joining our team.

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