The Difference Our Training Approach Can Make for You

All companies engage in some form of job training, but the growth plan we immerse all new hires in at Sun Devil Promotions has some unique features. One of the most obvious and important is that we link our people up with personal coaches from day one with our team. This ensures that novice associates gain expertise quickly.

We also emphasize hands-on learning over theory, because we know that when we engage our bodies and our minds in an activity, we retain more information. So rather than just talk about the way our outreach campaigns work, we involve new team members with the process, giving them a chance to learn by doing. Their questions are answered and ideas appreciated by the seasoned executives who started their careers in entry-level roles too.

We take our hands-on mentorship approach to learning out of the office with us as well – literally. Our Sun Devil Promotions travel program includes weekend conferences and retreats that allow us to spend time around the top names in our industry. We get to share best practices, and exchange contact info so we can seek their knowledge out in the future.

Our approach to talent acquisition and development is at the heart of our company’s success, with practical knowledge and mentorship playing key roles. Learn how you can benefit from our training program and join our team by following Sun Devil Promotions on LinkedIn.

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