We’re Committed to Constant Improvement

Even with the demands of working in a competitive industry, we’ve made ongoing development a key part of the Sun Devil Promotions culture. We stay in tip-top shape by keeping up to date with the latest and greatest trends in our business. Oscar G., our firm’s President, noted that anyone who joins our team can expect to continue to acquire knowledge long after the initial training has been completed.

Aside from our in-office development sessions and travel events, we also learn through reading on a wide range of topics. We also listen to audiobooks during our commutes and any downtime we might have. Exchanging recommendations and insights from our listening exploits has become a common pastime around Sun Devil Promotions HQ.

There are also many different options for affordable online classes. Through sites like Udemy, Coursera, and HubSpot, we can sharpen our skill sets at little or no cost. Most of these courses allow us to study on our own schedules, so they have convenience in their favor as well.

We also keep our eyes on industry blogs and journals to supplement our development. Through these resources, we get fresh perspectives on what we need to focus on in our learning efforts and how to stay ahead of market trends.

Our ongoing improvement is a major part of Sun Devil Promotions’ success. Follow us on Twitter for more of our best developmental insights.

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