We’re Giving Grads a Major Boost

As a new group of college grads enters the job market, it’s a good time to highlight what makes our Sun Devil Promotions internship program so special. We’re proud to give our interns the kind of training they need to really make names for themselves in the customer acquisition industry. Whatever their long-term goals might be, we equip new hires and interns with the skills and broad-based knowledge that makes things happen.

Teaching interns to set concrete goals is one of our primary objectives. We’ve learned through experience that it’s always best to have specific targets to better focus our efforts. We also stay highly motivated when we know exactly what we want to achieve. From their first days in the Sun Devil Promotions office, we help our interns set benchmarks that are both challenging and crystal clear.

One of the biggest career bucket-list-type goals many people have is to someday run their own businesses. As you might expect, this is also a point of emphasis in our training system. This goes for anyone who joins our team, either as a full-time hire or intern. More than anything else, we want to help ambitious people learn how to inspire greatness in others.

We invite any business-minded new grad to check us out. Learn more about our internship program by following Sun Devil Promotions on Facebook.

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